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Most retailers develop and evolve their decision-making strategies based on expert judgment and testing over time. But conditions are changing so fast that it’s fair to ask the question: how often does any retailer actually employ its best strategy? By the time you think you’ve figured out the best approach, the market has moved. In the online world, Web analytics help solve this problem by tracking and measuring a vast number of strategic possibilities very quickly, enabling you to design and execute the best strategies sooner.

E-Commerce Tracking

Don’t you want to know where your most profitable customers come from? With ecommerce tracking, you’ll know right where they came from so you’ll be able to brainstorm ways to find more. Nearly every report in Google Analytics can be switched to an ecommerce version so you can see exactly how you’re making money.


If you’re using AdWords, you’ll need to connect it to your Google Analytics account. AdWords has a wealth of data, make the most of it. If you don’t take the time to set everything up correctly, your paid search traffic can be reported as organic search traffic.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Reports can be segmented and filtered to reflect the needs of your business. Real-time views let you know which new content is popular, how much traffic today’s new promotion is driving to your site, and which tweets and blog posts draw the best results.

Data Activation

Make smarter marketing decisions. Google Analytics allows you to seamlessly activate your data to improve marketing campaigns and experiment with new channels and content.

Site Search

What if you could find out what people think is missing from your site? That’s easy. Just connect your Google Analytics account to your internal site search and you’ll have a list of every keyword people search for on your site. You’ll know exactly what they think is missing and what they have trouble finding.


Measuring the ROI of search traffic is great. But it’s even more important to measure the ROI of all your marketing campaigns. After all, you’re spending money and time on them. We need to know if it’s worth it.