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Unilever sees 49% rise in ecommerce sales for 2020

Ecommerce Sales

Unilever sees 49% rise in ecommerce sales for 2020

  • The company has announced the figure amidst a change in customer shopping habits during Covid-19 lockdown. Unilever has said its performance shows the companies “strength and agility”
  • The turnover of the company for the first 6 months of 2020 stands at €25.7 million (C$42.4 million), down 1.6% from last year
  • The company, which owns brands such as Dove, Hellmans and Magnum had originally been hard hit by the effects of the pandemic as shoppers moved away froms stores and to online
  • Alan Jope, Unilever’s chief executive, said “Performance during the first half has shown the true strength of Unilever. We have demonstrated the resilience of the business – in our portfolio, in a continued step-up in operational excellence, and in our financial position – and we have unlocked new levels of agility in responding to unprecedented fluctuations in demand.”

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