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Instagram announces new emphasis on video content

Short-form content allows you to showcase your content, and is an opportunity that shouldn't be passed on | DMX Marketing Experts

Instagram announces new emphasis on video content

  • Short-form video has seen a massive increase in popularity with the rise of Tik Tok. This has led to several social media companies looking to catch up, with Instagram one of them, as the head of the company, Adam Mosseri, announcing further expansion into video.
  • Instagram already has it’s own version of Tik Tok, named Reels, that was launched in August 2020, as well as IGTV, but Mosseri says that Instagram needs to lean into video more, going on to say “We’re no longer a photo sharing app”.
  • Acknowledging the competition that the company is facing from YouTube and Tik Tok, Mosseri outlined that Instagram sees video content as the best way to entertain audiences and that the platform needs to do a lot of work to get to the same level as its competitors.

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