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Link Building Content

Link Building Content

What is link building content?  Most people think getting link building results starts with doing outreach and analysis. Once you’ve obtained the best possible links and add them to your content, you stop doing outreach and therefore you don’t get any more links. If you this is the process you follow, you might be missing out.

We’ve all heard about the long-term benefits of effective content marketing, but for some, these seem elusive. You might even be thinking it’s a clever strategy to have you investing more of your time and marketing budget to keep gaining links, but this might not be entirely true.

The good news is that you don’t have to be consistently reaching out to maintain long-term link promotion! While this alone is by no means a new SEO strategy, It seems lots of businesses aren’t using long-term SEO techniques yet out of fear.

Source Content

SEO powerhouse Moz recommends using content that acts as a source. This means creating content that people will cite in their own as a relevant and give value to the link. Every writer needs to back up their points. For example, check out HubSpot’s Ultimate List Of Free Content Creation Tools – the links to the top products and industry guru’s linked here, provides a long-term reliable source of passive link income due to the popularity of the resources listed, from Google to Codecademy, links like these are always going to be of interest.

Source Linking and Syndication

Content detailed research is often the best source for establishing authoritative links and should be part of your PR and blog outreach strategy.

For example, let’s say a top site publishes an article, another fairly influential site publishes their own article on the same, or a similar topic and uses the source link. More sites follow the same procedure after linking from a more authoritative source and therefore the link building starts its progress. The benefits for longevity in terms of promotion will by far become greater. Check out this influencer strategy guide to promote your link building potential.

Content Marketing Vs Native Advertising

 Content marketing and native advertising campaigns were put to the test in a  Moz’s study and the results prove conclusively that content marketing campaigns perform better, a thought echoed by most marketers today.

For now, one thing is for certain, whichever strategy performs best for you will only depend on your needs, expectations, and audience. The importance of authority and strong inbound links through direct connection and citing, are the best way to build long-term link promotion. Other forms of link promotion offer quick solutions but as time goes by, these areas will lose relevance if your content isn’t fresh and guided by those who rank highest in your industry.


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