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eBooks For Hungry Readers

eBooks For Hungry Readers

The digital age has brought us many technological advancements and it was only a matter of time before it took hold of books. With a society driven by the desire for accessibility and valuable content, eBooks are perhaps the clearest example of the positive side of technology.

eReaders are by no means a new idea and had been in production since the millennium, but they didn’t really begin to take off until software was refined and we gained the power of Wifi and mobile connections. Now that eBooks can be created with nothing more than a device and an internet connection, the ability to put content into book style format is something even a highschool student could produce and you can comfortably read as many as you like without lugging around an entire suitcase.

There’s certainly many upsides to having and using eBooks, but some see this shift as a step too far and see the negative effect eBooks are having on the publishing industry and independent retailers combined with the changing image of what makes a writer in modern times.

eBooks: Reading In The Tech Age

As our interconnectedness increases the average person is currently thought to spend 8.2 hours sleeping and 8.4 hours connected to media devices, that explanation along goes some way to explaining the success of eBooks. The way we choose to access and consume content has evolved in line with modern life.

With most people now doing most if not all of their daily reading from a device, traditional books are somewhat of a vintage pastime rather than commonplace for some. Given that the ability to write a book is made easier by nearly every device on the market having word processing and editing capabilities. Combine that with social media channels and easily sourced advice and marketing tools, providing that the writer or their marketing gurus can gain a following and position the product. Any popular person or aspiring writer can now get a book published without needing the approval of traditional writing industries. 

The benefits of eBooks seamlessly interlink with an optimized, location-free life that is seen as a positive in the world today. Read on-the-go, learn more in less time using an e-reader or compatible device. Productivity is now a status symbol and eBooks help pave the road to success.

The Battle Of eBooks and Publishers

eBooks are available from all global retailers  making e-commerce is now possible from your website and if you’re an independent writer you could even choose relatively inexpensive sales and marketing tools to offer your eBooks via email subscription or other engagement tactic, you don’t need an editor, agent or publisher to sell and share your work online and with your eBook easily downloadable, the production process is shorter and the costs far lower.

Publishing has always been a premium industry, but the price of traditional books has never seemed as high as it does today when pitted against the price of eBooks. With all genres work now being created in eBook format, it seems only true bibliophiles and those with the socioeconomics means choose traditional books consistently. This puts both publishers and book retailers in a sticky position, you can’t keep upping the price of paper and hardback books, when eBooks are sold for often 25-50% of the price.

Now most people opt to shop for their reading material at stores compatible with their e-reader like Amazon and Apple. Both of whom were quick to build on the reading shift launching their own range of eReaders to which all downloaded content can be accessed along with all the features of a tablet.

These devices give readers not only the information they bought, but a wealth of reading-related features so you can edit, research, save and create documents based off your eBooks all from the palm of your hand. Proving eBooks offer a richer, inclusive learning environment driven by the reader themselves.

It’s not all doom and gloom for traditional books either they too benefit from the digital age when promotional and marketing techniques are implemented to boost awareness and sales, those engaged with authors, industry leaders and publishers on social media are still likely to purchase a traditional book if they feel a real connection to its creators and supporters. This is something retailers must latch onto in order to survive.

Here To Stay

Like it or not the one thing everyone seems to agree on is that eBooks are here to stay, traditional books are never going to die out and we should be celebrating the reading revolution they’ve inspired. Satiating the appetites of hungry readers at an affordable price is far from a negative when you recognize reading has the power to transform lives.

~ Adolfo Montenegro DMX

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