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Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs With An Energized Customer Base

Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs With An Energized Customer Base


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Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs With An Energized Customer Base

The world of customer acquisition is dangerous. If you take the wrong approach you waste your marketing budget on ineffective campaigns that don’t reach your target audience. Content marketing strategies allow you to focus your efforts on your ideal consumer, and if you encourage customer engagement with your content, your customers magnify the impact of the campaign. There are three easy ways to increase customer engagement:

1. Let Them Speak: Twitter and Facebook are terrific platforms for customers to become engaged with the products they love. Create accounts on all of the social media outlets, and encourage your customers to talk about their experiences, ask questions and give feedback. When you respond, it generates a personal connection with the customer that is invaluable.

2. Make Marketing Fun: Adding an element of whimsy to your marketing campaign increases customer engagement by prompting them to be creative. Examples include hosting an Instagram contest for the most outrageous picture centered around your product. Not only do the pictures create a buzz around your business, the customers share the photos with their friends and family, further increasing your exposure.

3. Sharing Is Sweet: The goal of customer engagement is to use your customers to grow your marketing message virally, thus decreasing your acquisition costs. To do this, you must provide customers with the kind of content they can talk about and share with their own networks. Content marketers can help you design blogs, articles and posts that address specific issues your customers face. These pieces facilitate customer engagement because your customers want to spread the insightful information that they’ve found.

Customer engagement comes down to getting consumers so excited about your brand that they want to tell others. When you reach a high level of engagement, you’ll start to see revenue rise, without spending more on marketing.

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