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7 Reasons Why SEO Remains Relevant in 2015

7 Reasons Why SEO Remains Relevant in 2015   Search engine optimization is a central tenet of effective digital marketing. It remains as relevant today as it did when the phrase was first used back in the late 1990s.   Why does SEO remain relevant in 2015?   1. It generates...

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The Underlying Benefits to SEO

    The Underlying Benefits to SEO Gaining favorable attention from search engines is not the only way an organization benefits to SEO usage. The end goal is always to increase sales, and attracting new website visitors is the purpose of website optimization. Combining the peripheral benefits to...

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Build your Brand

    Using these 10 tips will ensure you build your brand – create your recognizable brand identity and indelible image online! 1. Define your brand up front. When visitors arrive at your web site, let them know immediately what you do and why they should care. Far too...

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