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Is Now the Time of Online Shopping?

Is Now the Time of Online Shopping? Since the beginning of lockdown measures, online shopping has jumped, with customers hesitant to venture into stores. For March of this year, U.S. sales for online grocery shopping stood at $4 billion, just as lockdown began in the country....

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E-Commerce & Consumer Trends During Coronavirus

Source: As businesses try to catch up with new consumer trends and rapidly changing purchasing behaviors, they are faced with new challenges from the supply chain to e-commerce adoption and expansion. User behavior As we navigate through phase 2 of this global crisis the focus has...

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Impact of COVID-19 on Online Shopping Behavior

Research – COVID effects on ecommerce

Understanding the COVID-19 Effect on Online Shopping Behavior Source: Is no surprise to anyone that COVID-19 has shifted consumer’s behaviors and for business owners, it is important to understand and identify these trends to thrive during these trying times. As underlying consequences of this global pandemic are...

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