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7 Reasons Why SEO Remains Relevant in 2015

7 Reasons Why SEO Remains Relevant in 2015


7 Reasons Why SEO Remains Relevant in 2015


Search engine optimization is a central tenet of effective digital marketing. It remains as relevant today as it did when the phrase was first used back in the late 1990s.


Why does SEO remain relevant in 2015?


1. It generates web traffic. Search engine optimization puts your website higher in the search engine results. The higher you are, the more traffic you’ll get.


2. It builds brand awareness. High ranks translates to high quality, at least from a search engine user’s perspective. If your website sits high in the search engine results due to your optimization efforts, your brand will grow.


3. It increases sales and revenue. Consumers are increasingly going online to research products and services. They are most likely to purchase from one of the top ranked websites they find (hopefully yours).


4. It is what your competition is doing. You can choose to ignore SEO. But, your competition isn’t. That means that all the customers that might have bought from you are going to go to your competition.


5. It gives you insights into customer behavior. Which keyword brought the most customers into your business last month? Which one brought the least? Those insights, and others like them, are valuable when it comes to online marketing.


6. It drives offline sales. Consumers are increasingly doing research online before they make offline purchases. So, even if your company does most of its business face-to-face, SEO is critical for your sales and marketing.


7. It is an investment in long-term growth. When you put money into SEO, you are building the credibility of your website when it comes to search engines. And that is gold for getting higher search engine rankings in the long-term.


If you have let your SEO efforts slip, it is time to get them going again. What are you waiting for?


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